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Cleveland is located on the south of Lake Erie,and the mouth of Cuyahoga river.It is 100 kilometers away from the Pennsylvania and the capital of Cuyahoga Country,Ohio. In 1830,the canal of Lake Erie and Ohio river was open to navigation. This place was accessible by rail in 1851. It was the cargo transfer center of  Great Lake and Atlantic Ocean .In this case,cities grew rapidly.The development of industry which depended on mineral resources and coal field nearby Great Lake had superior advantages .In the meantime,population increased rapidly.Cleveland Tools Industry ,the name coming from the city, was found in 1876. 

In 1883,the first HSS spiral drill was invented by Cleveland Tools Industry and it became the NO.1 twist drill manufacturer in the world. The curtain for the modernized industrial metal processing and machinery manufacturing was rung up.
In 1969,NASA launched the Apollo 11 spacecraft. Armstrong and Aldrin waked about 2 hours on the surface of the moon and picked up the samples of rocks and soil.During this process,cylindrical drill used for exploiting rocks was invented by Cleveland Tools Industry.After that,Cleveland Tools Industry,NASA and Boeing Company were the space symbol of industrial innovation and development in America or even the world.
In 1980,Cleveland purchased lots of companies.Sales revenue added up to 40 millions and it was outstanding in this field. In 1994,Cleveland merged in Greenfield Industry,America.In 1997,Greenfield merged in Kennametal,America.
In 2009,TDC Cutting Tools Inc. acquired Greenfield Industry ,which made it the NO.1 HSS tools manufacturer in the world.
In 2014,TDC Cutting Tools acquired Manigley ,the top tap brand in Switzerland dating back to 1918 , and put Manigley as Cleveland M-series taps.The acquisition shortened differences between China and the world to bring Chinese taps manufacturing to a new level .
The same year,TDC Precision Tools ,the wholly-owned subsidiary of TDC Tools ,was found to operate a series of Cleveland products around the globe.
In2015,TDC Tools set up Cleveland Insert production line in Lvshun,Dalian.
In 2017,with more than 7 years of global integration and technology upgrading,TDC Tools set up Cleveland HSS drills ,end mills and high performance taps.It serves customers all over the world.